Controlling Colour Chaos: Interior Design Tips For Choosing A Colour Palette For Your Home

17 March 2023
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When it comes to planning a great interior design, the right colour combination makes a difference. Using too many bold colours can overwhelm an interior and not using enough color can lead to an interior that appears cold and unwelcoming. Using a mix of colours that complement each other well is the secret to creating an attractive home. 

The role of your home's layout

The layout of your home is an important factor to consider when selecting colours for walls. An open living space should have a smooth transition from one area to the next, which can make choosing the right colours tricky. It is easier to choose a neutral colour for walls and use furniture, drapes, and accent pieces to add pops of colour in open layouts. 

If you prefer to use multiple wall colours in an open living space, let architecture be your guide. Look for corners or other transition areas that would be a good starting point for a colour change. Make the transition smooth by using paint colours or wallpaper in complementing shades rather than contrasting ones. 

Let inspiration be your guide

Is there a certain landscape picture you love that catches your eye? Finding something that grabs your attention can be helpful when finding inspiration for the colour of your home's interior. For instance, you can select a few of the colours from your favorite landscape picture and incorporate them into your home's colour scheme. 

Walking through a fabric store is a great place to get decorating inspiration for interior design, as the fabrics are arranged in colour groups. Look for designs and colours that catch your eye. Purchase a few fabric swatches to take home and experiment with prior to deciding on a colour pattern for your home's interior.

Dark, light, and bright colours

Select one dark, one light, and one bright colour and arrange them together. You can do this by using paint sample cards in multiple colour combinations to give you an idea of what looks most appealing. Once you determine your favorite colour combination, choose one colour to use as the dominant one in your home and use the other two as complementing colours for trim or accent pieces. 

There is nothing wrong with choosing your favorite colours when selecting a colour palette for your home's interior. However, it is important to create balance by using a blend of colours that complement each other well. The right colour palette should make your home feel warm and welcoming rather than chaotic and disorganized.

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