Custom Kitchen Cabinets Are More Practical Than You Think

26 July 2022
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog


Custom kitchen cabinets can improve your kitchen's looks and functionality, as well as increase your home's value.  If your kitchen is small or has an unusual layout, having custom cabinets built to your specifications will make the best use of the space you have available while making the space more inviting.  While custom kitchen cabinets are more expensive than stock cabinets, there will be less wasted space in the kitchen, which ultimately makes them a great choice for many homes, regardless of the age or style of the home.

What should you do first?

You can sketch out a rough plan for the layout of the kitchen on graph paper, noting the location of the electrical outlets, plumbing, and light fixtures.  You must have accurate measurements before you consult with your cabinet builder, so you know how large your space is.  This will allow you to use that space efficiently and plan your work triangle—the paths you take between refrigerator, sink, and stove—to be as convenient as possible.  Your cabinet builder will likely want to take these measurements for themselves since they know exactly what measurements will be needed, but, if you have already done a rough plan, you will have an idea of what you need for your space.  You also need to decide what special features you would like included.  If you have a lot of spices that are jumbled in the cabinet, you may consider a spice drawer or two, or a built-in lazy susan to make them easier to find.

What is the practical advantage of custom cabinets?

With custom cabinets, in addition to making style choices, you can choose different functions that may not be available in stock cabinets.  Most stock cabinets are a standard height, but a custom cabinet can be taller or shorter, depending on the available space.  Most stock cabinets come with three shelves, with limited adjustability.  If you need fewer shelves with more height in between them, a custom cabinet can be designed to fit.  If you want additional features, like a lazy susan in a corner cabinet or spice drawer, you are limited to whatever is available in stock cabinets, but custom cabinets can incorporate those features while taking into account the available space. In other words, if you want a corner lazy susan cabinet, it may take up more space than your kitchen has available, or it may result in blank spaces between cabinets if they do not fit perfectly into that space.  A custom installation, on the other hand, can utilize all of the available space. 

For more information, contact a local company that offers custom kitchen cabinets.