Green Composting Bin With The Help Of The Right Blueprints

24 March 2022
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Compost bins are great in the garden. They can help you make a better, healthier garden. The composting process is terrific, and green home designers are finding new ways to use green compost bins as part of their vegetable gardens and landscape designs. The following guide will help you choose the right compost bin blueprints for your yard.

What Kind Of Bin Do You Need?

It's important to understand what kind of bin you need and how to use it. Understanding these basics is the difference between a manure pile that gets turned into compost in your backyard and one that becomes a cesspool in your yard.

There are two main types of compost bins: covered and open.

Covered: Covering bins protect your plants from rain or snow and allow for more aeration than an uncovered bin. They are also ideal for keeping flies away from the compost pile, but they don't necessarily look good when viewed from the street.

Open: Open bins look great when viewed from the street because they make compost removal easier. These designs allow you to use both sides of the bin as storage space while they're being used in the garden (a big plus because space is at a premium). An open bin also gives insects access to compost, so you'll have to keep it away from your home and watch for nuisance pests. 

There are also various combinations and variations of these types of compost bins that you might want to consider when looking for blueprints. 

How Large Should The Bin Be?

You won't need a bin that is super large for the amount of compost that you make from the kitchen scraps - but it should still be fairly big. You will also want to build it so it can easily hold at least a cubic meter of material.

When deciding on the size of the compost bin, think about how much space you have and the type of waste you will be composting. If you only have kitchen scraps, then a smaller bin is okay, but if you have garden waste as well, then go for a slightly bigger one.

How Easy Is It To Build?

When building a compost bin, one thing to stop and think about is how easy will it be to build? Make sure that any blueprints that you get have easy-to-follow instructions and a detailed materials list.

Also, consider how big do you want your compost bin to be? How much room will you need to build the compost bin? You might want an enclosed bin design that would work better for you than an open-air type.

Green compost bins are great for the yard. Make sure that you make a green compost bin with the help of the right blueprints. A company like 123 Rot can help with more information.