Benefits Of Choosing HDPE Outdoor Furniture

19 October 2021
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If you love spending time outdoors, you need to invest in comfortable, attractive, and high-quality furniture such as chairs and dining sets. While metal, wood, and PVC are good outdoor furniture material choices, consider High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) furniture. HDPE furniture is a strong plastic with malleable properties that make it ideal for creating durable outdoor furniture. Here are the pros of choosing HDPE furniture for your outdoors.

Environmentally Friendly and Safe

HDPE doesn't contain any toxic chemicals such as formaldehyde that are carcinogenic and can harm human health. Additionally, manufacturers make HDPE furniture from recycled plastic materials. Recycling helps keep plastic materials that aren't biodegradable from reaching landfills. Also, HDPE doesn't fade quickly and doesn't require repainting. This reduces the organic compound emissions from paint.

Further, HDPE furniture is also known as poly lumber furniture since it can resemble natural wood. However, unlike wood furniture that requires trees to be cut down, HDPE preserves the environment since its raw materials are recycled plastics.

Water, Rust, and Fire Resistant

HDPE furniture is also waterproof, which prevents the rotting of the furniture. Additionally, HDPE's waterproof properties prevent the growth of mold on the furniture. Remember that molds pose a health risk as their spores can trigger allergies. Besides, molds are unsightly. Since HDPE is non-porous, the furniture can last for years without water damage.

Also, fires are common emergencies in homes. Fortunately, HDPE is fire-resistant. Therefore, if there's a fire in your home, your furniture won't experience fire damage. Most importantly, your  HDPE furniture will not rust.

Temperature Resistant

HDPE has a high melting point which makes HDPE furniture temperature-resistant. Hence, when your outdoors gets heated, especially in summer, your furniture won't give in to high-temperature effects like cracking. Likewise, HDPE can withstand low temperatures, and your furniture won't become fragile in cold environments. Even when temperature fluctuations occur, your HDPE furnishings remain in good condition.

Low Maintenance Requirements

Unlike wood that requires treatment against insects such as termites, HDPE is resistant to insect damage. Additionally, HDPE doesn't bend or break easily due to its high strength to density ratio. More so, there's no need to stain HDPE regularly. Once you purchase HDPE furniture, you need to clean it regularly. Besides, the cleaning process is easy since HDPE is stain-resistant. This means fewer maintenance requirements and costs.

HDPE furniture is resistant to water, rust, temperature, and fire. Additionally, the furniture is safe and eco-friendly with low maintenance requirements. Consider purchasing HDPE outdoor furnishings to enjoy these benefits.