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The history of Tamilazham goes back about 5000 years and more. It is the birthplace of Dravidian culture in India . The Chera, Chola and Pandya ruled the Dravidian country from which modern Tamil Nadu formed. In the 4th Century A.D. the Pallavas of Kanchipuram, became the rulers. They dominated the land for 400 years. The rise of Muslim power in India had its impact on Tamil Nadu. The establishment of the East India Company at Madras in 1639 was a crucial chapter in the history of Madras .  

When India attained independence in 1947, the Madras province, comprising Tamil Nadu and parts of Kerala in the west and Andhra Pradesh in the north continued as the State of Madras. But the demand for a separate Telugu speaking state compelled the Government of India to bifurcate the state into two, into the Telugu-speaking Andhra Pradesh and Tamil-speaking Tamil Nadu. The old capital Madras city was retained by the new Madras state.

Under  the  states  reorganization   Act 1956, Madras lost the Malabar district and the Kasaragod taluk to the newly formed Kerala State. At the same time, Madras gained four taluks of Trivandrum district and one taluk of Kollam district. In 1969, January, Madras State changed its name to Tamil Nadu. The capital city was renamed as Chennai in 1996.

Tourism of Tamil Nadu

There are several places of tourist interest in the State and in Chennai, the state’s capital city. Mamallapuram, the beach resort; Kanchipuram, the land of 1000 temples; Madurai famous for the Meenakshi temple; Rameswaram, Thiruchirapalli and Thanjavur, form the temple trio The charming hill resorts are at Yercaud, Ootacamund and Kodaikanal.  Kanniyakumari at the tip of the Indian peninsula is where the seas meet. The waters of the Bay of Bengal , the Indian Ocean and of the Arabian Sea join together at this point. This small town is renowned for the spellbinding views of a fantastic sunrise and sunset.

State Capital Chennai
Population  61.5 million people per sq. km.
Area (sq. km) 130,058
Literacy Ratio 64%
No of  Districts 30
 Language Tamil

  Tamil Nadu, a state in southern India , is bordered on the north by the State of Andhra Pradesh , on the northwest by the Karnataka State , on the west by the Kerala State , and on the east and south by the Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean . Occupying an area in the extreme south of the Indian peninsula, Tamil Nadu has an area of 130,058 sq km (50,215 sq mi).

The State of Tamil Nadu is divided into 30 Administrative Districts, which in turn are further bifurcated into smaller divisions and subdivisions including a total of 17,272 villages. The state’s capital, Madras was renamed Chennai. It is the fourth largest city in the Indian sub-continent. It extends over an area of 174

Its Legislative House is unicameral and has 235 seats. The state sends 57 members to the India’s National Parliament, 18 to the Rajya Sabha or the Upper House and 39 to the Lok Sabha or the Lower House.