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Area: 2997 sq. km
Population: 2, 251, 727 (2001 census)
Altitude: Sea level
Telephone access code: +91-497
Air: Nearest airport: Kozhikode (93 km)

Rail: Kannur is an important railhead of the Southern Railways. (Enquiry: Kannur Ph: 2705555; Thalasseri Ph: 0490 2344131

Road: An excellent road transport system connects Kannur to all the major towns of South India (KSRTC: Kannur Ph: 2707777)
The cradle of many a colourful folk art form like Theyyam, Kannur is said to be the ancient port of Naura, from whose shores King Solomon?s ships collected timber to build the great temple of Jerusalem. Known even to the Greeks, Romans and the Arabs, Kannur?s trade links goes back a long way. Acclaimed by celebrated traveller Marco Polo as the great emporium of the spice trade, this nature-rich land has been a key contributor to the cultural, religious, political and industrial heritage of the State. Bounded by the Western Ghats in the east and the Lakshadweep Sea in the west, Kannur showcases its remarkable history in the ancient forts, old shrines and august cultural and educational institutions that dot its scenic landscape.
Payyambalam Beach
Payyamblam beach is the beach of Kannur town which is 2 km from Kannur. The well laid out garden and the massive landscaped sculpture of mother & child erected by noted sculptor Kanayi Kunhiraman makes it extremely captivating.
St.Angelo Fort
Location: 3km west of Kannur town, north Kerala.
Attraction: A fascinating view of a natural fishing bay and a sea wall projecting from the fort separating the rough sea and inland water.
A massive triangular laterite fort, replete with a moat and flanking bastions, the St. Angelo's Fort also called Kannur Fort was constructed by the first Portuguese Viceroy, Don Francesco de Almeida in 1505.
In 1663, the Dutch captured the fort from the Portuguese and sold it to Ali Raja of Kannur. In 1790 the British who seized control over the fort, renovated and equipped it to be their most important military station in Malabar.
Today, St. Angelo's Fort is a protected monument under the Archaeological Survey of India. The fort offers a fascinating view of the Moppila Bay and Dharma Dom Island. Dharma Dom island, only 5 acres in area, is situated 100 metres away from the mainland in the Arabian sea. The Moppila Bay is a natural fishing bay. A sea wall projecting from the fort separates the rough sea and inland water. Today, the bay has turned into a modern fishing harbor, developed under the Indo-Norwegian Pact.
Valapattanam Backwaters
Kannur is that part of the legendary Malabar Coast where King Solomon's ships anchored to collect timber to build the 'Temple of the Lord' and to secure most needed spices. Here in the little hamlet on the banks of the river Valapattanam, is a giant of the modern timber industry - Western India Plywood Ltd., the largest wood-based industry in South East Asia.

The timber industry of Valapattanam thrives on the rich forest resources of the district. Teak, Iruli, Elavu, Karimurukku, sandalwood (Sandalum album) etc. are found in plenty in the forests here. In addition are cash crops like tea, coffee, rubber, tobacco, cashewnuts etc. Kannur is the only place in Kerala where Pukayila (tobacco) cultivation is carried on successfully

Valapattanam is also a famous fishing harbour as well as the main source of the irrigation project in the district. It is a fascinating experience to watch the traditional mode of timber transportation - by tying long pieces of timber together and allowing them to float down the stream.DTPC Kannur offers motor boat and House boat cruise on the river.
Muzhappilangad Beach
About 15 km from Kannur and 8 km from Thalasseri, Kannur district, north Kerala. The Muzhapilangad beach which stretches across four kilometers of sand is a drive-in beach where one can drive down the entire length. Calm and serene, the place is secluded and remains unexplored. Huge black rocks scattered here protect this long beach from the deep currents, and form a tranquil pool of shallow waters that is a swimmer's paradise. The palm groves fringing the beach are a cool hideaway from the tropical sun.
Adventure Club: Maintained by the youth development wing, the adventure office here offers a variety of water sport options as well as paragliding, parasailing and micro-lite flights.
18 km from Kannur.The DTPC provides pleasure boating and houseboat cruise at the Parrassini River.Accommodation is available here.The snake park here is the only one of its kind in the state.Snake demonstrations conducted every hour draw large crowds(Open 0830 -1730 hrs everyday).
Parrassinikadavu Temple (Open 0500 -0800 hrs, 1600 – 2000 hrs)
Situated 20 km away from Kannur, in North Kerala, the Parassinikadavu Muthappan Temple is located on the banks of the Valapatnam River and attracts people from all parts and sections of the society. Irrespective of religion and caste, thousands of devotees throng the place. This temple truly signifies the essence of "Vasudaiva Kutumbakam- the whole world is one family."

The origin of the Muthappan temple is associated with the appearance of a child who roamed the region with a string of interesting incidents and later vanished without a trace. Theses incidents up to the point of his disappearance made the people feel the divine presence of Muthappan (Siva), who immediately set up a place of worship, which is popularly known as the Parassinikadavu Muthappan Temple.

The Parassinikadavu Muthappan temple is also a popular destination for travelers and pilgrims to savor the charm of Theyyam, a ritual that is performed here on a daily basis. Men adorning masks and colorful costumes perform this temple art form, which represents conflict between good and evil, with good ultimately emerging victorious over evil
Thalassery Fort
Thalaserry fort, located at a distance of 22 kms from Kannur constructed in 1708 AD was the military centre of the British. In 1708 AD, when the British East India Company established its settlement on the Malabar Coast, they built the Thalaserry Fort, as a testimonial to their colonial imperialism.
The square fort, with its massive walls, secret tunnels to the sea and intricately carved huge doors, is an imposing structure. The fort was once the nucleus of Thalaserry's development.
It is now a historical monument. The Sports Authority of India Gymnastic Centre, an old Muslim mosque, the Jagannatha Temple and Thiruvangadi Sree Rama Swami temple are other attractions nearby.
Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary
Elephants, Sloth bears, Sambars, mouse deer, etc. can found in the 55 sq. km sanctuary. Other attractions Nature trails, soft trekking, bamboo trekking, bamboo rafting, corcole boating, stay at tree houses in Pariputhodu and Bhoothamkallu, bathing in the stream at Meenmutty.
Arakkal, Kettu
(3 km from Kannur): This was the residence of the former Arakkal Ali Rajas, the only Muslim royal family of Kerala.Protected by the Archaeological and tourism Department,this place complex today is museum housing a splendid display of numerous artifacts and heirlooms belonging to the Rajas.
Kizhunna Ezhara Beach (11 km from Kannur): This beautiful stretch of sand is one of the most secluded beaches in Kerala.
Meenkunnu Beach (12 km from Kannur): Uncrowded, the beach is a tourists' paradise, with golden sand and surf.
Dharmadam, Island
(100 metres away from the mainland at Dharmadam) The small 5 acre island covered with coconut palms and dense bushes is a beautiful sight from the beach.
Kanhirode Weavers Cooperative Society Ltd
(13 km east of Kannur. Open 0900 - 1530 hrs. Closed on Sundays) about 400 workers create high quality furnishing fabrics, shirts, sarees as well as Khadi fabric. Ph: 0497-2857259
This place in Payyanur is famous for its unique bronze lamps and sculptures.
Odathil Palli Mosque
(Near Old Bus Stand, Thalaserry) This 500-year-old mosque in the heart of Thalassery was built by an Arab merchant in a typical Kerala Hindu temple style. The mosque which has neither domes nor minarets is not open to non-Muslims.
Famous for its Annapoorneswari Temple, the week-long annual festival falls in April. There is a Kathakali-Panchavadya school called Asthikalalaya near the temple.
(55 km from Kannur)The beautiful beach here has a hillock nearby (286 m high). Carved stone pillars and an ancient burial chamber can be seen at the foot of the hills. The hills are noted for rare medicinal herbs. A Naval Academy is being developed here. Permission is required for entry.
Kizhunna Beach
11 km from Kannur) this beautiful stretch of sand is one of the most secluded beaches in Kerala.
Formerly a part of Kerala, it is today a union territory. The picturesque little town with a French flavour, originally called Mayazhi, was renamed Mahe after the Frenchman who captured it. The St. Teresa?s Church is famed all over Malabar for the efficacy of prayers said here. People of all religions converge here from all over Kerala and even from as far as Singapore, Sri Lanka and England during the fet? (October 5 - 22), considered an especially auspicious time.
Payyanur Subramani Temple
(46 km north of Kannur and 21 km north of Thaliparamba. Open 0400 - 1200 hrs, 1700 - 2100 hrs) This lovely temple is famous for the pavitra modiram, a type of ring available here. Made only against order with gold and the holy darbha grass, it is worn after being sanctified at the temple by Brahmins while performing rituals.
Cinnamon Valley-Anjarakandy
Spread over nearly 200 acres, the cinnamon valley on the banks of the Anjarakandy River is considered the largest cinnamon plantation in Asia. The white pepper grown here is very popular in Britain and other Western countries.
Gundert Bunglow
(20 km from Kannur, near Thalasseri town, on the National Highway at Illikunnu):Dr. Herman Gundert, the revered German missionary, scholar and lexicographer lived in this bungalow for 20 years from 1839. It was here that one of the first Malayalam dictionaries and the first Malayalam Newspaper - Paschimodayam - took shape.
Pazhassi Dam
(37 km east of Kannur) An ideal retreat for tourists, the dam site is famous for its scenic beauty. The DTPC provides pleasure boating facilities at the reservoir. Accommodation is available at the Project Inspection Bungalow.
Peralassery Temple
(14 km from Kannur. Open 0400 - 1600 hrs. Prayer Timings: 1100 hrs and 1630 hrs) this temple is believed to be where Rama and Lakshmana halted on their way to Sri Lanka to rescue Sita.
Suryanarayana Temple
(Open 0530 - 1130 hrs, 1730 - 2030 hrs) Dating back to the 13th century, the idol here is believed to have been consecrated by Lord Rama while on his way to Sri Lanka to rescue Sita.
Pythal Mala
(65 km from Kannur town)This enchanting hill station, situated 4,500 ft. above sea level near the Kerala - Karnataka border, is rich in flora and fauna. It is a 6 km trek to the top of the hills.
Trichambaram Temple
20 km from Kannur, near Taliparamba town on the National Highway)A sacred place of the Vaishnava cult, the deity of the temple is Sree Krishna. The sculptures on the walls of the sanctum sanctorum are in a class by themselves. The annual temple festival, usually held in March, is a colourful event .
Sree Ramaswami Temple, Thiruvangad(23 km from Kannur)
 This temple dedicated to Sri Rama is one of the most important temples in Malabar. The exquisite carvings in the temple are said to have been done nearly 400 years ago.
Thodeekulam Siva Temple(34 km southeast of Kannur)
 Located 2 km from Kannavam on the Thalasseri-Mananthavady road, this temple is famous for its mural paintings. It is believed to have been constructed 2,000 years ago and was closely connected with the Pazhassi Raja family of Kottayam (Thalasseri taluk).
There is a Siva Temple here on the banks of the Bavali River. Thousands of devotees attend the annual 27 day festival during May - June.
Vismaya Park
Vismaya, the amusement park, is located at Parassinikkadavu, Kannur. A perfect place to spend one's holidays, this Amusement park, which clubs information and entertainment, is inventive in many aspects. With rides and other equipmentsin international standards, the park also offers boating facilities.