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FiveRathas These rock-cut temples are rated as excellent examples of Pallava art. Shaped in different styles, the five structures are named after the Pandava brothers of the Mahabharatha and Draupadi. These are monolithic temples, each created in a different style. They are also known as the Pancha Pandava Rathas, and the four of the rathas are supposed to have been scooped out of a single rock formation.

Arjuna's Penance  The world's largest bas-relief measuring 27m x 9m is the pride of Mamallapuram. This huge whale-back shaped rock contains figures of gods, demigods, men, beasts, and birds and in fact, can be said to represent creation itself

The Shore Temple This is one of the oldest temples in South India. It belongs to the 8th Century A.D. and is a good example of the first phase of the structure of temples constructed in the Dravidian style.

Krishna's Butter Ball  The huge boulder near the Ganesha Ratha is popularly known as Krishna's butterball. It rests precariously on a narrow rock base. It is believed that several Pallava kings have attempted to move the stone, but legend is that neither the kings nor their elephants could shift the boulder even by an inch.
Open Air Museum  This newly set up modern open-air museum of sculpture reflects the cultural heritage of the Tamil people from the pre-Sangam days. The objects on display, shaped mostly from granite by 200 sculptors, include a chain in stone, ornamental wheels and a host of other items. The themes here are many, including those relating to historical and cultural events of the period, placing the contribution of the Tamil land in proper perspective.Situated very close to the Shore temple, one can have a glimpse of the past, as well as the progress being made in the present in the field of art in Tamil Nadu

Tiger's Cave This cave it is located 4 kms north of the main monument complex. It was built as an open-air theatre, where cultural programmes could have been held during the Pallava period. Though it is very near the sea, the place is serene and calm.